VAT Claim

Simple as ABCD…

Simple as ABCD…

A: Fill in and sign the “Letter of Authority” and “Terms of Engagement”. *

B: Collect all your original invoices and receipts.

C: Obtain an original “Certificate of Status” from your local Tax Authority.

D: Post your completed registered form, invoice receipts and Certificate of Status to:

Think Refund
4 Woodfold Ave,
M19 3AP



We undertake to transfer the repayment, after deduction of our fees, to your company from our client account within seven working days of receipt of funds from the Tax Authorities.

The client will be responsible for payment of the bank transfer fee and this will be deducted from the amount remitted to the company. If you prefer to have your refund paid in the form of a cheque sent to your registered address or the company requires us to make a repayment to a third party we require written instructions.

* (please note that the form must be signed by an authorised person acting on your company’s behalf).